Fairmile Restorations

Manufacturer of specialist and one off panels for classic cars and light commercial vehicles, in steel and aluminium.

Panel Repair Service

Sample prices for repair service Morris Minor van/pickup


Pickup sides including all panels from £150 per side depending on condition


Tailgate rebuilds £40-£200 depending on condition.


Door bottom rebuild and outer skin repair £125.


Full guttering replacement on van back, removing the roof, repairing van sides and roof edge.  Fitting new guttering and replacing roof rom £600 depending on condition.


Van or pickup body rebuild: typical bottom of sides, crossmembers, floors and inner arches etc £750- £1200 depending on condition.


Typical cab rebuild inc floors, sills, B post hinge pillar repair etc, built up on a jig.  Shot blasted and primed if required.  £800- £1800 depending on condition.

All prices are a general guide and depend very much on condition of the supplied components.