Fairmile Restorations

Manufacturer of specialist and one off panels for classic cars and light commercial vehicles, in steel and aluminium.

Morris Minor

This is a sample of some of the panels I can supply for Morris Minors.   I also provide a restoration service for unobtainable panels such as pickup sides, tailgates and doors.



MO1     £95    Van/ pickup rear inner arches.  Heavy gauge steel, and a very good match to the originals.

MO1A   £115     As above but more detailed an and excellent match, only available from me.

MO2     £77     Van / pickup rear half floors.  Available separate or spot welded to the arch.

MO3     £20     Rear light 1/4 panel.  Full panel from wheel arch to rear lights.

MO3A   £27    As above, but for early single light model.  With shaped rear corner.

MO4     £20     Body side front end repair.  From front rear wheel arch to B post

( normally 15″ high but can be supplied different heights if required)

MO5     £22     Van body, rear top corner repair section.

MO6     £18     Van body top of side repair section

MO7S   £11     Guttering straight length.

MO7C   £8      Guttering corner piece.  Please state FL, RL, FR, RR

MO8     £65    Guttering set.   4 corners and 4 sides.

MO9     £18     Cab guttering, formed to correct shape 1 length to do one side.

MO9A   £24     As above but Series 2 squarer profile.

MO9B    £27    Guttering for Minor saloon one side.

MO9C   £300   Full roof repair kit.  Body side sections, gutters and roof edges.

23 items in total.  Special bulk offer for everything.

M10      £24     Sill boxing plate van/ pickup.

M11      £24      Under sill panel for van/pickup with correct flanges all round (unlike other pattern panels).

M11A   POA      Full half floor and undersill in one piece as original.

M12     £11      Roof edge repair section  Straight length left or right hand.

M13     £11     Roof edge corner repair section.. state Front/ rear, left or right.

M15     £28     Pickup cab back repair panel

M16     £18     Petrol filler cover foe vans or pickups.

M17     £24     Van body section above cab roof across the front.

M18     £7     Frint flitch extension-all types early or late series 2 and 1000.

M19     £18     Radiator cowl, lower repair section (all types).

M20     £30     Wing stub, for rubber wing post office vans.  £30 plus cost of wing.

M21     £35     Outer rear arch.  Reprofiled and improved pattern pressing.

M21A   £20    Outer rear arch repair section.

M22     £5      Inner rails for securing loads to, for the inside of van bodies and pickups.  Sold by the foot.

Max length 4 foot, but can be welded into longer lengths.

M22A   £15    As above 4 foot length.

M23     £25     Floor support for van/pickup wooden floors  Bolts to the Chassis crossmember over the

back axle and supports the join between the two wooden floor panels.  (Limited supply)

M24     £15     Van/pickup petrol tank frotn support bar.

M24A   £8      Van/pickup petrol tank rear mounting bracket

M25     £32     Folded steel Metro seat subframes to suit saloons/travellers.

M25A   £30     Folded steel Metro seat subframes to suit vans/pickups.

M25B   £35     Universal seat mounting frame.

M27     £15      Rear pillar repair section for van and pickup bodies.  ^2 high from floor and goes down to join

with inner rear crossmember below floor.

M28     £7      Rear pillar gusset panel.  Stiffens the join between rear pillar and floor.  Has round hole for

the indicator bulb holder to project through.

M28A   £6     ‘Series 2’ version of the rear gusset panel, without the indicator hole.

M29     £6      Triangular cover piece to protect indicator bulb hlder in load bay.

M30     £85    front inner wheel arch.  Full domed section (accurate fit based on BMC orininal).

M30A   £24    Front inner wheel arch.  rear section only for repairing original panel.

M30B   £15     Front inner wheel arch.  Bump stop area repair section.

M32     £12     Body stays for vans and pickups.  Price each.

M34     £5       Cab rear crossmember.

M35     £68     Rear load bay front crossmember.

M36     £55     Inner rear crossmember with body mounts.

M38     £65     Rear chassis crossmember

M39     £18     Rear chassis bump stop bracket.

M40     £165   UK style steel exterior sunvisor with bare steel trims for plating or painting.

M40A   £30    Fitting clamps for sunvisor .  Set of four.

M41      £95    American style exterior sunvisor, with fiting clamps. ( Also available in aluminium).

M45      £15     Mudflap brackets (per pair) for PO vans recommended for all vans/pickups.  Protects rear crossmember/ light area.

M46      £18     Wheel arch liners for in front of the back wheel on vans and pickups.

Similar to M45 and recommended for use in conjunction with.   These two items

completely box in the back wheel protecting the rear body from mud build up and rust.


M50     £40     Windscreen aperture lower repair section, from corner approx 12″ along bottom of screen channel. Specify left or right side, when viewed from inside the car.