Fairmile Restorations

Manufacturer of specialist and one off panels for classic cars and light commercial vehicles, in steel and aluminium.

Morris Minor Low Light

Series MM and early Series 2 panels



MM1     £65     Front left hand domed inner wing for early series MM cars with horizontal flange.

MM2     £26     Engine bay tie plates for series MM.

MM3     £45    Headlamp shrouds/flitch extensions for front inner wings.

MM4     £18     Rear bumper brackets for Series MM cars.

MM5     £35     Series 2 rear wings, late wings converted to high cut arch.  Large rear holes foe MM type lights available too.

MM6     £360   Lowlight front wing.  Hand made in steel.

MM7     POA     MM saloon underfloor sill panels.

MM10L  £70     Front bumper valance for lowlight Left hand side.

MM10R  £70     Front bumper valance for lowlight Right hand side.

MM11     £24    Centre fillet section for front bumper.

MM12L   £55     Rear bumper valance for lowlight Left hand.

MM12R   £55     rear bumper valence for lowlight Right hand.

MM13     £20     Rear centre fillet for rear bumper.