Fairmile Restorations

Manufacturer of specialist and one off panels for classic cars and light commercial vehicles, in steel and aluminium.

Morris J-Type


Cab repair panels

J cab front

J06    £85     Front valance, correctly shaped bottom edge like original.

J07    £18    Front valance, top (bit that the horn bolts on to).

J12     £18    Front door, roof guttering panel (screws on).

J13     £8      Front door, roof edge repair.

J13a    £64   Roof section over door.  Complete piece from the centre roof panel to the top of the door way.

J16    £118  Door shut section (Curved box section over back of the front wing).

J19    £54    Windscreen lower repair outer section.

J19a   £32    Guttering section below windscreen.

J19b   £18    Guttering section for sides of front panel.  1 length does both

sides and joins with J19a

J19c   £68    Windscreen lower repair inner section.

J20    £92   Cab side repair section from front wing to 1/4light.

Includes flange for door shut and swage for front panel.

J21    £24    Wing mounting flange for J20, top piece with 2 5/16″BSF captive nuts.

J22    £16   Wing mounting flange for J20, bottom piece with 2 captive nuts.

J25    £38    Grill bottom repair panel, one for each side price each.

J26    £18    Front cab mounts.

J27    £115    Front inner wing.

J28    £18    Cab front lower inner section.

J32    £25    Grill bottom, lower inner bracket.

Front wings

J01    £345    Front wing, new 18g steel.

J02    £320    Front wing, new steel replacement for GPO van.  No lamp pod, swaged edge to look like original.

Body side repairs

van side panels and rear wing

J08    £65    Curved body side lower repair panel.  O/S from door to rear wheel arch.

J08a   £118    Curved body side lower repair panel. O/S from door to rear wheel arch. Up to swage line.

J09     £72   Curved body side lower repair panel.  N/S with petrol filler hole.

J09a   £125    Curved body side lower repair panel.  N/S with petrol filler hole.  Up to swage line.

J10     £35    Body side stiffeners.  Lower repair sections (6 per van.  Price for set of 6).

J03    £118    Rear wing, new 18g steel.

J04    £135   Rear wing, new steel replacement for GPO van with swaged edge.

J17    £75    Rear inner wing.

J18    £45    Rear corner repair section.

J40    £350    Upper body side section.  To replace damaged panels, badly

fitted or unwanted windows.  Wheeled from one piece of 18g steel.  Curves

up to roof to give shape and stiffness for ease of welding.

Rear body

J14    £82    Rear body crossmember.

J14a    £12    End brocket for J14. For joining the crossmember to the body sides.  Price per pair.

J23    £168    Full rear door skin.

J24    £48    rear door inner lower repair section-comes up to triangular


J37    £26   Roof gutter above rear doors.

J38    £22    Rear roof repair section above rear doors, 4″ high.

J38a   £138 Full rear roof section skin above back doors.

J39    £22    Rear roof repair internal channel section over rear doors.








J11     £22    Step tread plate, with box section stiffeners underneath.






J15    £65    Sill section. including outer step section.