Fairmile Restorations

Manufacturer of specialist and one off panels for classic cars and light commercial vehicles, in steel and aluminium.


Whilst we are more body panel manufacturers and restorers, from time to time complete vehicles, wether projects or on the road, are available. Also any spares may be listed on this page.


1969 Minor pickup. 

In the workshop now, as a fill in job between others. The cab is fully restored, ready to be fitted to its excellent original BMC chassis. The intention is to build this one to as original spec as possible and we have sourced genuine original seatcovers and a rubber floor mat and a proper low compression LCV engine. It can at this stage be finished in any colour.

If you are interested in a very genuine, not over restored pickup, please get in touch to discuss requirements and timescale.


1955 AUSTIN A30

An stalled project that has been in the family many years. I’ve been intending to recommission this and get it on the road, but I’m not really an A30 specialist. It has all new brakes (which cost a lot)  but needs plenty doing. £1200

Morris J type GPO van rubber rear wings

A pair of original rubber rear wings for a Mail or telephone van £100 the pair